About Us

Educontest is a national math competition that was started in 1997 and currently serves hundreds of schools. Educontest is a mathematical tool that is used by schools to develop the test taking skills in their students that are necessary to do well on achievement tests and college entrance exams. In 2009, Educontest started a sister competition called Catholic Math League that is developing test taking skills in thousands of Catholic students as well."

Math competitions are offered for each grade from third grade through Advanced Math. There will be four contests for each level, each thirty minutes long. A team will consist of three or more individuals who will take that subject for that year. If one or more classes are involved, then the three highest scores for that test will become your school score. The test will be graded, and the scores will be entered either onto the internet or onto a scorecard that will be faxed or mailed to us.

We will then compile the cumulative standings after each test regarding the school scores and the highest individual scores. This information will then be mailed before the next contest. Each subject will be separated into divisions, each containing on average ten schools.

After the fourth and final contest, the top three students for each school will receive a certificate for each subject. The top student for each division will receive a trophy and the top school for each division will receive a plaque. The second, third, and fourth highest student in each division and subject will receive another certificate. National awards will also be given for the top student and school for each subject that contains at least three divisions.

Test dates are set for 11/8, 12/6, 2/7, and 3/7 and may be adjusted by each school somewhat to adapt to their schedule. We will mail the schools a copy of each test so each school can make as many copies as desired.